Investment Management

The investments that I recommend to my clients are the very same investments
that I make for my family.

the only difference is based on risk tolerance.

There is no minimum account size to work with me!

My investment philosophy is based on Nobel Prize winning academic research. This research has shown that investing in an actively-managed mutual fund will not outperform its passive counterpart. Therefore, I don’t believe in “market timing” or buying into the belief that a fund manager can consistently provide outsized returns over market performance.

In fact, many stock and bond funds, even those with good track records, are likely to underperform their benchmarks. These funds are usually expensive to own and do not offer any additional value to the investor for the increased costs incurred owning them.


I utilize industry leading technology that will pinpoint your risk tolerance and assist me in building a portfolio that has just the right amount of risk. This will allow me to objectively pinpoint your “Risk Tolerance” as well as stress test portfolios for a variety of stock and bond market scenarios.

I believe that investment decisions shouldn’t be based on speculation or emotions, however, studies have indicated that over time the average investor performs below the market benchmarks due to various psychological behaviors. These behaviors usually lead to investors becoming their own worst enemy, buying at all time market highs and selling at or near the bottom of a stock market downturn.

This buy high, sell low phenomenon is the exact opposite of what investors should be doing. In fact, I strongly encourage my clients to dollar cost average into the markets by placing their money to work each month. This offers some protection from market swings and will allow you to accumulate more assets over time.

I believe that I can help you achieve your investment goals by accurately measuring your tolerance for risk and rebalancing your investments based on the correct asset allocations.

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