Comprehensive Financial Planning

You’re so busy taking care of others, you don’t always take care of yourself.

Think of me as your Primary Care Physician for your finances.

Your patients trust you with their health, my clients trust me with their finances. Just like you, I take a comprehensive approach to providing care. Throughout the financial planning process, we will take everything into account to identify where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Working together in an ongoing relationship will allow me to be an accountability partner for you. It will ensure that you receive continual care, and that the informed decisions you make will get implemented and updated when necessary.

When life throws you a curveball, it also means you’ve got a financial expert who’s on-call to help you navigate your way.

As your financial planner, I will also act as a liaison with other specialists (attorney, accountant, realtor or insurance agent) who play an important part in your finances.

In addition to the categories below, we also cover areas such as Employee Benefits and how to maximize them each year, and Retirement Planning, so you can start laying a solid foundation.

Although every financial plan is custom tailored to your specific goals, here are common areas that make up the financial planning process:

As financial planner, I take on the role of your central nervous system. I am the brains behind your financial future. I help to regulate, and ensure that all the systems that make up your financial life are running smoothly.
The financial plan provides the structure and support needed throughout your life’s financial journey. The process of creating a financial plan will allow us to identify your financial goals and develop a custom plan on how to achieve them.
Just like your body absorbs nutrients, income comes in and gets accounted for, and whatever is not absorbed can be wasted on indulgences and vacations. I will conduct a review of your income and expenses to determine how much you spend, how much you owe, and create guidelines for successfully achieving your goals.
Without properly saving and investing, you'll be destined to live paycheck to paycheck and won’t be positioned to achieve your financial goals. Like your heart, investments are needed to survive and thrive. If you keep your investments healthy in retirement, they will continue to pump steadily so you can live off the income they are producing.
Debt management is like your renal system - with proper balance of good debt compared to your income, you'll be on the path to achieving your financial goals. We will work together to create a debt management plan that will help keep your financial life balanced, just like your kidneys keep your electrolytes in check.
Insurance protects you and your family from the unexpected. Like your immune system, it’s there when you need it. I will do an in-depth review of your insurance needs and provide recommendations to keep you protected. As a true fiduciary, I do not sell insurance and will not receive any commission or income from my recommendations.
Much like your skin protects your body, estate planning protects your wealth. Most physicians who experience rapid wealth accumulation after training forget to shelter and protect the wealth they are earning. By creating a trust, power of attorney, and a will, these will act as your first layer of defense from the outside world.
If your reproductive system has provided you with children, you’re probably thinking about how to provide those children with an education. I can help you prepare for your children’s college expenses by setting up the appropriate accounts and forecasting the amount needed to cover the rising cost of tuition.


As part of your primary financial care, we do quarterly check-ups. Think of them as long-term care rather than a one-time visit. The result is a custom financial plan and includes access to me whenever you need it.

As much as we’ll work to stick to a financial plan, what’s most important is being committed to the process of planning; to creating a roadmap. We’d all like to follow a linear progression from current reality to goal, but it never works that way – it always deviates.

This is why we don’t charge a one-time fee for creating a plan and then hourly for every time you need guidance. My current fee structure aligns goals and compensation with what is truly best for you – it allows me to be accessible, and the plan to be fluid.

Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management Services

Our services are offered at a flat rate, consisting of a one time upfront fee and an ongoing monthly fee based on the total level of assets advised on. That means there is no AUM fee that is found at typical financial planning firms, we really do have your best interest at heart.


Monthly fee:

$450 or $650

The monthly fee is determined based on the total level of assets advised on. If you have $500,000 or less, your fee will be $450/mo. If you are above $500,000, up to $1,000,000, your fee will be $650/mo.



approx. 90 mins

During this initial informal conversation, we’ll talk about your financial life – your banking, your debt, your investments – to gain a preliminary understanding of where you currently stand, and I will write up a progress note. The most important thing about this meeting is that we extract all the information from your head into one place so we can assess the areas to tackle first.


approx. 90 mins

In this meeting we will focus more on specific numbers as we discuss budgeting and student loans. We’ll import your accounts into our financial planning software, review transactions, categorize what you’re spending, establish your risk tolerance, and start analyzing your student debt. You will provide me with your student loan data file and we’ll walk through the details of loan repayment together.


approx. 90 mins

This is my favorite meeting because it’s where I get to know the real you and encourage you to dream big. This conversation will be focused around your dreams, goals, intentions, and life plans. We’ll assess what’s realistic, what has a finance component, and how to make your goals a reality.


approx. 90 mins

Now that I have all the data and a thorough understanding of your goals, I will present you with a personalized financial plan with simple, straightforward recommendations. I will create a roadmap for the upcoming 12 months, full of action items needed to implement the plan.



The financial plan isn’t a complicated 50-page document that leaves you with more questions than answers. I deliver a short 5-page plan that details out where you currently are in your financial life and provides a prescription for how to get where you want to be. This is a living, working document that we can easily readjust if life takes a new turn or something unexpected happens.
Life is constantly changing and I’m there to see you through it. It’s an honor that when something major happens in my clients lives, I am one of the first people they call.

I know your free time is a precious commodity, so I’ve set up my practice to work around your demanding schedule.


I’m not like other financial planners who are available 9-5. My hours of business are extended to hours that are suitable for you – at 8pm after you put kids to bed, while you’re grabbing a quick lunch or between patients. Short of the overnight shift, consider me on-call to provide guidance and answer questions, but also to address anything that might cause the plan to shift or change course.

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