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Sleep well at night knowing you have a trusted advisor
who is guiding you toward financial independence.

Why do I work with physicians?

I am part of a physician family. When my wife was in residency she would pass along information that she was receiving from “financial advisors” who were trying to sell her products, and it was alarming how vulnerable she was to bad advice and bad investments. The reality is, most doctors aren’t married to a financial planner, and they end up getting taken advantage of or making catastrophic financial mistakes.


Getting rich was not your motivation for going into medicine. You’ve put in years of training and long hours to take the best possible care of your patients, but you haven’t done the same with your finances. Despite the 20-30 years you’ve spent in school, you haven’t been taught how to succeed in personal finance. This leaves you very vulnerable to insurance agents, stock brokers, realtors and lenders.


I am a fee-only financial planner, and strive for full transparency in my business. I am always a fiduciary to my clients, and truly have their best interest in mind.

it’s a pleasure to meet you.

I graduated from the University of San Diego (USD) with a BA in Business Administration, an MA in Accounting and Financial Management, and an MA in Business Administration. During grad school, I worked at Merrill Lynch under a fantastic advisor, but soon realized that the average advisor in the industry was more concerned with selling financial products and obtaining new clients with investable assets than working with those who could really use the financial guidance to succeed in life.

That really turned me off from the industry, so I switched gears and worked for KPMG in public accounting. During my second year, I was fortunate to run into an old friend who was a CFP® and a fee-only financial planner. He introduced me to the concept of fee-only financial planning, where planners put their clients first, don’t sell products, and are true fiduciaries. It sounded too good to be true. I decided to join his firm where I had an amazing hands-on experience learning what true financial planning was all about – working with clients and helping them achieve their financial goals! While I enjoyed my time there, I ultimately learned I didn’t want to work with the ultra-wealthy as much as young physicians who were starting their careers and could really benefit from truly unbiased, quality financial advice.

Why should physicians work with me?

Most residents and young physicians don’t understand the importance of savings.

Physicians have a delayed start into the workforce compared to their college peers who started contributing to their retirement and savings around 22 years old. Most physicians finish residency in their early 30’s with little to no savings and a mountain of student loans. On average, physicians start saving 10 years later than those who didn’t go into medicine. Physicians are compensated with higher than normal salaries, but if they don’t learn how to budget and save appropriately, they will have significant trouble achieving financial freedom.

Helping physicians successfully navigate their financial lives by providing them with a financial residency is very rewarding to me. Through working together, we will work to increase your financial literacy and confidently take control of your household finances.
I love learning about my clients, hearing their stories, and acting as a trusted fiduciary throughout the course of their careers. I seek to help them take care of themselves while they take care of others.

My clients typically…

  • Are in residency, fellowship, or less than 10 years into their medical practice
  • Are 45 or younger and want a long-term relationship with an advisor
  • Want to follow the advice of an expert and have the ability to trust that their advisor wants them to succeed as much as they do
  • Respond to emails and requests in a timely manner, are active and engaging throughout the planning process, and most importantly, will strive to implement the financial plan
  • Have the motivation and desire to learn about their finances and better their financial situation

My clients don’t…

  • Rely on the commentary of TV personalities for sound financial advice
  • Try to time the market and worry about daily movements in the markets
  • Want an advisor for only a few months or for a specific interaction
  • Ignore expert advice because a friend or family member provides conflicting information

Think of me as your Primary Care Physician for your finances.

Through regular, preventative care, I can help you maintain financial health and pursue a promising future.

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