A Service Tailored to Physicians

To start, it can be helpful to understand financial planning as it relates to systems in the body.

As financial planner, I take on the role of your central nervous system. I am the brains behind your financial future. I help to regulate, and ensure that all the systems that make up your financial life are running smoothly.
Financial Planner
The financial plan provides the structure and support needed throughout your life’s financial journey. The process of creating a financial plan will allow us to identify your financial goals and develop a custom plan on how to achieve them.
Just like your body absorbs nutrients, income comes in and gets accounted for, and whatever is not absorbed can be wasted on indulgences and vacations. I will conduct a review of your income and expenses to determine how much you spend, how much you owe, and create guidelines for successfully achieving your goals.
Without properly saving and investing, you'll be destined to live paycheck to paycheck and won’t be positioned to achieve your financial goals. Like your heart, investments are needed to survive and thrive. If you keep your investments healthy in retirement, they will continue to pump steadily so you can live off the income they are producing.
Debt management is like your renal system - with proper balance of good debt compared to your income, you'll be on the path to achieving your financial goals. We will work together to create a debt management plan that will help keep your financial life balanced, just like your kidneys keep your electrolytes in check.
Insurance protects you and your family from the unexpected. Like your immune system, it’s there when you need it. I will do an in-depth review of your insurance needs and provide recommendations to keep you protected. As a true fiduciary, I do not sell insurance and will not receive any commission or income from my recommendations.
Much like your skin protects your body, estate planning protects your wealth. Most physicians who experience rapid wealth accumulation after training forget to shelter and protect the wealth they are earning. By creating a trust, power of attorney, and a will, these will act as your first layer of defense from the outside world.
If your reproductive system has provided you with children, you’re probably thinking about how to provide those children with an education. I can help you prepare for your children’s college expenses by setting up the appropriate accounts and forecasting the amount needed to cover the rising cost of tuition.

We Help Our Clients:

Our goal at Physician Wealth Services is to take care of you while you take care of your patients. We’re accessible when you are – in the evenings after you get your kids to bed, during your commute home, or in between patients. Short of the overnight shift, consider us on-call.

We Work With Clients Who:

While we work really hard at being one of the best fee-only financial planning firms dedicated to the financial health of physicians, you should know exactly who our clients are and aren’t.


  • Want a long-term relationship with an advisor
  • Want to follow the advice of an expert and have the ability to trust that their advisor wants them to succeed as much as they do
  • Respond to emails and requests in a timely manner and are active and engaging throughout the planning process
  • Have the motivation and desire to learn about their finances and better their financial situation


  • Rely on the commentary of TV personalities for sound financial advice
  • Try to time the market and worry about the market’s daily movements
  • Expect to work with an advisor for only than a few months or for a specific interaction
  • Ignore expert advice because a friend or family member provides conflicting information

What to Expect in Your Consultation:

You’re interested in reaching out. Great! You’re probably wondering what to expect when you do. Let’s get you familiarized with typically asked questions.

We typically ask:

  • Who are you and what concerns you the most about your finances?
  • What caused you to reach out to us?
  • What do you want to accomplish by working together?

Prospective clients ask:

  • Are you fiduciaries? Yes!
  • What is your financial planning process?
  • What is your investment philosophy?
  • What is your pricing structure?
  • Why do we work with physicians?
  • Anything that is on their mind!

Want to Know More? Let Us Walk You Through.

We have a true flat fee pricing structure. No hidden fees or gotchas. It’s simple and transparent, the way it should be! Starting at $500/mo.

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