Student Loan Analysis

Medical students graduate with an average of $180,000 in student debt.

Let’s work together to create an actionable plan
to eliminate your student debt.

I provide student loan analysis to help medical students and residents choose the best course of action in paying off their student debt.

This service consists of organizing and analyzing all private and federal student loans, as well as creating a customized repayment strategy considering your situation, and its complexity.

In addition to the customized repayment strategy, you will have access to our budgeting software which will allow shared monitoring of your budget and spending patterns. This will provide a solid foundation for good financial habits early in your career. We will meet annually to update and review your repayment strategy and budgeting, however, I will be available throughout the year if you need assistance via email or phone.

This program is only available to medical students and residents.

Upon completion of residency, you will be transferred to our full comprehensive planning program. The initial fee paid for student loan program will be used as a credit to the financial planning initial fee.


Upfront fee of:



Monthly fee of:


The monthly fee is determined by the complexity of client’s goals.

If the client is enrolled in either comprehensive planning program, then this fee is waived.

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